Monday, November 14, 2016

Sharon Shabinaw / WindBeneathOurWings: Inspirational Videos

Good Morning Everyone,

God has been speaking with me and directing my path so much so, that it is all I want to do these days! He recently has prompted me to start a video collection to help spread the word of our work and His Will for us. If you've been following us so far, you already know so much about our work, and hopefully enjoy our messages and following us on this journey God has given us. We are at a point though, where we need some additional support and ask that you if you enjoy our words, that you share our words and our mission to help spread the messages and encourage others to follow and become closer to God and their god-like abilities that He has already given them. In order for everyone to be more aware of those abilities God did give you, you need to become closer to God in your everyday living. Learn to trust, believe, and have faith that He is leading you throughout your day and life.

Won't you help us spread our messages with thought provoking conceptions that will truly make one consider their current situations and how changing their actions or reactions could make a huge different in impacting others.

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