Friday, June 30, 2017


In the background of my brain there is a story to be told. I have procrastinated far too long in getting this story told for many reasons and I apologize for that. For those of you who know me, you know there has been a lot going on in my life the last couple of years. For the most part, it has been “good” things that have kept me from my writing, like getting married and relocating.  It is true although these events have been a wonderful distraction for me there has also been an underlying reason in my own mind that has dominated my thoughts about getting my story told. The reason for me is  “F E A R”!  Fear of reliving the pain that I endured during those five years I found myself in captivity to depression, panic attacks and the endless anxiety. Fear of a relapse into those dark days of my life. Fear of what people will say and think about me. Fear of the unknown. It is now time for me to confront those fears, because I know God is with me. Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you. I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”. It is a funny thing, how God lets me go for so long, and then pulls me back by His gentle nudges and signs to get me back on track to do His will.  I don’t believe that my family or I were meant to suffer those five years in vain. I do believe that it is God’s will for me to help those who are suffering now with this devastating illness that is so misunderstood by so many.

My story will be the follow-up to my first book, “Signs from God”, that my daughter and I wrote together and is now published and available at  This book not only reveals my testimony of the miraculous healing that took place in my life in 1980, but also shares stories from others who have been touched by signs from God, and who were so graciously willing to share their stories as well.

I made a promise to write this follow up book, “A Mountain to Climb”, that is a true story of my life and memoir that will go into great detail about the struggles of a young mother suffering for five long years through a nervous breakdown and all that led up to the mountain she had to climb suffering through a broken marriage with depression, tranquilizers, shock treatments and yes even suicide attempts. It will elaborate on how you can be trapped in your own body, in a catatonic state of mind and not being able to communicate with your loved ones.  At the same time, your heart is breaking because you are feeling so much pain you’re causing your family to go through as well.  This young mother at the time, tried desperately to hold her marriage together at her own expense for the sake of her children.  Through all her torment she came to realize that you can’t put on a happy face living a lie, and learned the hard way.  This book, “A Mountain to Climb” is a story of romance, love, loss, strength and survival.  It will reveal the “miraculous” healing that took place when God did what the doctors could not do.

This morning, God led me to Psalms 118:17 “I shall not die but live and shall declare the works and recount the illustrious acts of the Lord.” Well, that was definitely an eye opener for me.  Another nudge from God, and like my daughter says, to just DO IT!   It brought my thoughts back to the time of my miraculous healing when I prayed, “Lord, please make me well, or take me home with you. I can’t take anymore”.  It was only that very short prayer after all those years of suffering, and then a peaceful calm began to embrace my body starting from the tip of my toes. When it reached my heart and moved up to my face, I felt a puff of warm air being breathed into my mouth and I knew instantly that I was healed. God’s spirit of life was breathed into my body and the veil was lifted that covered my soul all those years struggling through my illness. Through the grace of God I was healed.  Thank you God for making me well and all the blessings you have given me since that day of healing in 1980.

Today, my prayer is for God to give me the strength to do His will and help me to share my testimony and story to continue spreading the words of “Hope, Trust and Believe” that miracles do happen, and even in the darkest hours and times of our lives, there can be a happy ending.  Psalm 145:21 “My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord; and let all flesh bless (affectionately and gratefully praise) His holy name forever and ever”.   Amen

Monday, June 26, 2017

Break Down Your Walls


Sharon Shabinaw, brings you her second book, 

Break Down Your Walls: Be the Person God Created You

 to Be . . . Be  a Better You!

The inspiration within this book, was truly a gift from God that Sharon received.  After struggling for several years dealing with stress, God intervened because she could take no more.  When her stress levels hit their peak, God stepped in and forced her to take the time she needed to heal from the inside out.  This is a story that starts with stress and anxiety, which then turned into her worst nightmare as she locked eyes with her husband as she heard the nurse call for the paddles.  It is a story of struggle, recovery, self-reflection, and self-development that will truly make you think about the person you are, and could change your life as well!

Message from Sharon:

Break Down Your Walls was a vision given to me by God after my heart attack in April 2016. A vision of sharing spiritual messages with as many people as I could to help them become a better version of themselve as well.  You see, God knew I needed a break and I needed to do some self-reflection; and, that’s exactly what I did after my heart attack. I took the time I needed to heal physically, and then I spent many months healing emotionally.  During the time of emotional healing I was able, with the help of God  to truly do some soul searching into why I am the way I am, and realize that you can only change YOU!  No matter how hard you try, you can’t make a person change. You can only change your reaction to a situation.

I hope my book helps you become the person God created you to be – by breaking down your own walls!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sharing is the BEST Feeling Ever!

For so long now, Mom and I both have been working at sharing her story to help as many people as we can in our writing, in personal conversations, etc.  We have been dreaming of standing on a stage in front of groups of people and sharing with hundreds.  I truly feel that will happen and yesterday was just a taste of what is yet to come.  We've shared in some groups before and it felt great; but our time was very limited. Yesterday though, I stood in front of a class of young adults at the Carroll Community College and was able to speak about stress, and how everyone has a story to share.  I spoke for almost and hour and could have talked much longer.  It felt so good to be able to share and provide experience and guidance to such an impressionable group of adults.  You could see the looks on their faces as they intently listened and I know atleast one of them is harboring something deep inside of them as well, and I can only pray that my speech touched their hearts and helps them through what they may be dealing with.

I was able to tie stress back to my mother's story and her miraculous healing.  I was able to share with them the everyday stresses we live with and how it impacted my life by having a heart attack.  A heart attack that was strictly stress induced!  I shared how I was able to change my own thinking through self-development and soul searching after realizing I can not change a person no matter how hard I try. Finally, I was able to share with them how that soul searching and the love of essential oils has transformed my life and my ability to handle stress.

Here's a quick video I shared expressing my thoughts on yesterday:  

"Signs from God" is available on Amazon and it includes Mom's Miraculous Healing!

"Break Down Your Walls - Be the person God created - Be a better YOU!" is coming soon this Fall!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My Story!

Time for a little update!  Many of you may already know since you've been following Mom and I for a while now, but God has led me to Young Living Essential Oils.  Relax, this post isn't about essential oils, but it does play a role in this story.  I've never felt so strongly about a Company or a product before and this company has provided me with so much in such a short period of time.  Not only supporting my stress levels after my heart attack and my overall wellness, but also with self-development practices as I go through some of their training.  Currently, I am reading a book called "Gameplan" by Sarah Harnisch on how to go from Starter Kit to Silver (which is a rank in the company).  This rank is truly just the beginning of a journey that will allow me to do so much more in life! Anyway, our homework assignment last night was to write our own story.

As I started the homework assignment, and as the words started to form on the paper, it was if 'My Story' was releaved to me in front of my own eyes. I thought I knew, but all the pieces just started to come together. I know without a doubt Young Living plays such a HUGE role in this continuing story of fulfilling my dreams. And, I have never felt stronger knowing that the time is now!

Here's My Story:

My story is all about stress: Stress as a young girl watching her mother experience a nervous breakdown; stress of having to hide her medicine bottles; stress being called out of school; stress coming home from school to see all of your family gathered around your mom, who was is a catatonic state of mind, as they make the decision to institutionalize her.  Then several years later after her miracle healing, she asked me to come live with her and I had to tell her "no, not right now" because I couldn't trust that she would remain 'better' and then wonder, 'will that alone set her back into her old self'? 

For many, many years, we wanted and attempted to start documenting her story but could never get on the same page. Fast forward 30 some years later, her and I both start experiencing signs from God to start writing her story/our story and not knowing how to do that.  I learned how to listen to God's soft voice and follow his plan for me. It was then that God led the way for us to self-publish "Signs from God" not ever having written a book. He led us every step of the way.  This was His way to teaching us how to do it and start growing our following.  

Fast forward a couple years later, and after many stressful family situations and losses, and then working a very stressful project at work, I suffered a heart attack all due to stress at the age of 53.  God said enough was enough and took matters into His own hands.  I spent eight nights in the hospital, suffered a cardiac arrest, a balloon placed up to my heart to take the pressure off of it.  I saw the look on my husband's face when I heard the nurse call for the paddles before I faded away screaming in my head to God that I was not ready to die! Then, I was given a second chance!

God gave me the opportunity to recover and truly become a better person - the person He wanted me to be!  I was able to become a person who learned how to deal with stress and realize that no matter how much I wanted someone to change, I could not make that happen myself.  I learned to deal with my stress.  He also gave me the desire to write again and what to write about.  "Break Down My Walls - Be the person God created ...Be a better YOU!" is in the hands of my editor and will be released this Fall!  

As I was writing "Break Down My Walls", I was basically praying as I was typing for God to help me find a way where I could quit my job and do His Will.  That was all I wanted to do - share my story, Mom's story and help as many as we could and lead them to God through our sharing.  The thing was though, that I couldn't quit my job without having some sort of income, so I prayed!  I prayed for God to help me find a way to make this happen so I could remove the work stress from my life and concentrate on His Will for us and ultimately our dream book, "A Mountain to Climb".  It was two weeks later that God brought Young Living into my life.  

As I mentioned earlier, Young Living definitely has a role in this story as their essential oils, culture, and core values follows everything I have learned on this journey and they reinforce every day those same lessons in order for me to stay connected to His Will and remain strong and healthy.  Everything I am learning is fulfilling a need that we must learn in order to grow and publish "A Mountain to Climb" and turn that into a #1 Best Selling Novel!  "A Mountain to Climb" is the story of courage and strength that Mom went through suffering from a nervous breakdown, and witnessing it also through the eyes of her daughter watching and wondering if her mother would ever be okay again.  I no longer stress that it might be taking us longer than we thought it would to get this book published, because everything is happening for a reason and is taking us higher and higher! He has given me purpose and I know this journey is going to be totally amazing. He is providing us both with everything we need along the way to meet our ultimate goal of documenting 'our story' by providing us with the means to do so in His timing.  I have never felt stronger that the time is now!  

If you want to help us grow our following, the time is now for you to SHARE, LIKE, POST, REPOST, FOLLOW, ETC.  It is YOU that will help US and GOD make this journey come true and turn our books into #1 Best Sellers!  With God, we can still do it without you, but we don't want to!  Follow us on our journey - we can't wait to celebrate with YOU!!


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