Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Venturing Out On My Own

Not to worry, I'm not going very far!  I'm very excited though to share with everyone a new Blogsite www.sharonshabinaw.blogspot.com I created that will enable me to step out on my own in preparation of publishing my first book, "Signs from God". 

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to write a book.  I remember, hiding from my brother in my closet where I would spend hours writing by the light of my Lite-Brite.  Throughout the years, I dabbled in it; but it was God this time, who pushed me on this spiritual journey to actually step out of my comfort zone.  He practically demanded, "Just Do It!"  This journey has truly been driven by God himself.  He has led me every step of the way to where I needed to be, and has given me the courage to 'Just Do It!'

The book is complete and in the beginning stages of editing.  It is my hope that the stories compiled within "Signs from God" will give my readers the same peace it gave me; knowing that God speaks to all of us in different ways, and in ways that only He can do!  We just have to be open to recognizing the signs.

Like I said though, I'm not going far and what's coming next is our ultimate journey of completing mom's miraculous story, "A Mountain to Climb".  We have decided we are going to make it a sequel.  The first as an autobiography, and the second, from the eyes of her daughter.  Continue to "follow" us on our journey together through both of our Blogs, and my Facebook Page www.facebook.com/SharonShabinaw and stay tuned for more to come!!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Birthday to My Muse - The Woman Behind the Story!

Happy Birthday to my Muse!  A special woman for whom this Blog, our Website, our Pages, our Twitter accounts, and ALL of our future books would not be possible!  It is her strength that has been my inspiration throughout my life. I have learned so much from her and am still learning.  She continually prepares me for what is to come, and I am grateful for her knowledge! 
It has taken us this long to prepare and actually be in a place where we can start this journey together.  This last year we have both been pushed by God to get our acts in gear so we can accomplish His Will for us!  We have accomplished alot so far despite the many challenges and heartaches God has thrown in our paths.  We know these bumps in the road only make us stronger and more determined, and we look forward to truly focusing on our writing this summer.  We will meet our goal together, and when we do, we will be so happy to share with you each of you and celebrate at our book signing party!!!   But today is Mom's day to celebrate her life, and what a life it has been!!  She is a strong woman and I am truly blessed to call her Mom! 
Here's a recent picture of us together with my Brother at his Wedding Celebration! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Do You Know Your Purpose and God Driven Job?

I just got home from Bible Study and the message tonight was we all have a job to do here on Earth and in our community.  Whether your community is your Church, with your job or colleagues, your neighborhood, your friends, etc.  We need to find our purpose.  Do you know yours?  Ask God to lead you to a clear understanding of what your purpose and job is.    We know ours, and God keeps pushing us closer and closer every day.  He is not giving up on us, nor us on Him!  Today he led me to a self-publishing web site and a site that will guide me towards getting my book cover created for my first book, "Signs From God".  I am so excited to be on this journey gaining the experience we will need for Mom and I to continue to climb towards our ultimate God driven journey and the priviledge of publishing our first book together, "A Mountain to Climb".  We still have plenty of writing and editing to get through on this book, and lots of emotions, and even more mountains to climb, until we reach our goal.  So far though, the journey has been amazing.  With summer quickly approaching and knowing we will have quality time together to dedicate to our writing, the excitement is overwhelming.  We truly hope you follow us along the way!