Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Behind Every Cloud There Are Blue Sky’s

This week we have seen some blue sky’s behind many clouds, literally!  It has rained so much and been cloudy most of the week; it feels like it should be October instead of July.  But, when we look up and see the blue sky behind those clouds, it always puts a smile on our face and a feeling of peace in our hearts.  We take a second to thank God for what he has done for us and our family and we know that he and our loved ones that has passed are up their looking out for us every day!  We all need to realize that God does have a plan and he wants us all to be happy.  Everyone must experience some gray clouds from time to time, but you have to believe that those gray clouds make us stronger and eventually the sun will shine, and we will soar once again!!!  So get ready for the sun to shine on you ….. God has some extraordinary things planned for your future!