Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer Winds Down - WE WIND UP

It's been a while now since I had pen-in-hand, and as the summer begins to wind down, I realize how very F  A S T  time really does go!   It seems the older I get, the faster it goes....... Sharon and I have been busy behind the scenes with our writing but at the same time, have really enjoyed  the beautiful warm summer months.  Deep Creek Lake is one of our "favorite" places to go. We love the tranquility and peaceful feeling that comes from just being in touch with nature and the beauty that God surrounds us with.  It is the perfect setting to do our writing and share  some quality time together.  I'm looking so forward to the fall months as well, with the beautiful colors of the changing leaves.  We are so Blessed!

For an update to our previous posts, we have been anxiously waiting to hear from Guidepost about the stories we submitted for the current contest they are running , but having not heard from them to date, we will now go to Plan "B" to accomplish our goal and get our story out there to  follow through with the mission we feel we have been called to do.  As Sharon said in her previous post, it is a bit hard to go back in time and re-live some of the "bad" memories of that horrific time in our lives, but it is very therapeutic as well for both of us.   I've learned a lot just reading the chapters that she has put together so far.  Things that I wondered about, worried about  and played out in my mind at the time, but actually now reading from her perspective the reality of it all truly is hard.   I do believe there is a reason for everything and everything happens for a reason. I also believe that things happen in our lives that we have no control over and we must go through these experiences in order to grow in our faith  and learn from them.  I have learned to take "One Day at a Time", and to remember that nothing will happen today or any day that God and I together can't handle.

It is our hope that you will continue to follow us on this awesome journey and we welcome any feedback you would like to offer as we continue to go on this adventure together.