Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Safe In the Arms of Jesus

This weekend on the drive to the Ocean to celebrate Valentine's Day Weekend, I received a 'Sign' from Baby Iris - not one, two, or three - but four signs practically simultaneously.  We were listening to my spiritual playlist of music and getting into the spirit of things.  Tom was snoozing some and I was deep in thought and prayer.  Which is what I do when I drive long distances.  I also enjoy looking for  'signs' in the clouds, or a cross, etc.  This day was no exception.  As I was driving down the road somewhere around Easton, I noticed a cross on the back of a pick-up truck that caught my attention, and I thought, 'cool, there's my sign'!  Then about 30 seconds later, a large red heart is covering up one of those business signs on the side of the road, and I swear it seemed like it was beating, because it popped out as if to say, 'here I am'.

Then, as I'm registering my thoughts, "wow, first the cross, and now the beating heart...'  I instantly glanced to my left (why, I don't know) but, what do I see, a Church sitting right on the edge of the road with a large wooden cross on the side of the Church. Well, if that didn't resonate, nothing would. Until, I put two and three together and honed in on the song that was playing and started signing the words, "Safe in the Arms of Jesus" by Paul Todd. One of my favorite songs by him, and then "Do Not Fear" comes on next.  It gives me chills just thinking about it.

It was obvious, the heart was my sign from Baby Iris letting us know that hers is beating now Safe in the Arms of Jesus!

Once I got to the Ocean and met up with Mom, I couldn't wait to tell her about the sign I received.  And ironically enough, but no surprise, she too received her own sign from Baby Iris during the same drive.  She happened to see a baby in the clouds.  We always seem to be on the same wave length her and I.  But this time, it was Jesus and Baby Iris giving us comfort and knowing that we would share this story and give comfort to others in their time of need!

Once I got home, I couldn't wait to post about the Signs we received, and wished I had been able to capture of picture of that heart to include in this post.  I spent probably an hour searching the internet for the cross emblem I saw on the truck, or the heart on a business sign.....and then looking at Facebook, I see a post with the picture of Jesus holding a sweet baby, that to me sure looks like Iris at 9 weeks old!

Stay strong, keep your faith, and always look for the Signs!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”
(Proverbs 3:5, NIV)

Friday, February 5, 2016

Bless Our Angel - Baby Iris

It is with such a heavy heart that we have to publish this post. It is times like this when we all doubt our God, but have to hold on even tighter to our beliefs and faith.  For that is all that is going to get us through this horrific time with such a great loss and void in our hearts.  We know that Baby Iris is in the arms of our Loving God and her Great Grandmother.  Just the other morning, she was a beautiful, happy, seemingly healthy and loved baby girl.  Her Mommy posted a picture that she was so proud of on Facebook.  As I was writing my comment in response to the beauty and love of that precious little girl, I caught a glimpse of an advertisement that totally blew me away.  I thought, "how ironic and odd".  I knew it was a sign from God, and took it to mean she was loved and her Great Grandmother, Iris, was looking down on her.  I took the time to screenshot what I saw, and save the heart to send to Rachael in case she wanted to use it for anything. Little did we all know that sign was definitely from God. Maybe a warning that her little heart was in distress.  Once we learned she was suddenly critically ill, my immediate thought went back to that sign received just that morning before, and my prayers were that the 'sign' was God telling us He would take care of her and everything would be 'OK'.  In the end, it brings me peace knowing that God did have a plan for her and that she is in His presence and her Great Grandmother's and she is now OK.

For her parents, family, and all of their loved ones, we are left behind feeling such a great void in our hearts, a sense of unfairness, unexplained and unanswered prayers.  The only thing we can do at this point, is cherish the memories and the love that little girl had in her heart.  Her Daddy says, "She was just too good for this earth!".  And Mommy, "She was just too good to be true!"  It breaks our heart to watch two so deserving parents go through such a horrific ordeal.  There is nothing you can do or say that will ever take that pain away!  Though it is a testament to Rachael and Joe of just how special they are, as the outpouring of love and support in that hospital was remarkable. For all the prayer chains that went out, we thank you and ask that they continue for Rachael and Joe during their time of need.

To Rachael and Joe - we are always here for you and love you both so greatly.  We will always cherish our Lil Iris and we all share a bond that is so special!  She will always be your Angel and will watch over you both, the way you watched over her!

And for the Sign Mom received from her sister, Iris, Baby Iris' Great Grandmother, we will ALL be OK!  It will take time, but remember God chose you both to give birth to this very special Angel!  You will be blessed again....for every door He closes, He opens another!  Note the Cross we just noticed when we took this picture.  Signs come in many forms!

We love you more than words can say!  Hold on tight to your love for each other and be strong for each other!

God be with you both!