Tuesday, April 21, 2015

One Set of Footprints in the Sand

I was sitting here this morning wondering what I could write about.  What has touched my heart this past week?  What has impacted my life to the point I would want to write about it?  Then it hit me.  I’m sure everyone has experienced a situation or time in your life when you think, is it really that bad?  Or how could this person possibly believe this?  How could they think this?  How could they act this way?

You’ve heard the saying, ‘walk a day in my shoes’?  The next time you are wondering how someone could do or say such a thing….stop and ask yourself how they must be feeling.  Try to imagine what they are going through.  Everyone is struggling with something or fighting their own battles.  While what we see on the outside, may be something totally different on the inside.

I was in a Church meeting this past weekend and this kind soul was expressing some very deep feelings, and while what he felt about himself, was something so very different from what others felt about him.  He was struggling with self-doubt and feeling guilty about being in a certain situation or circumstance.  His totally humbling attitude really made me stop and think about how different everyone is and how everyone has a story to tell.  We all need to stop judging from the outside without giving a second thought to what someone may be struggling with on the inside.  We are all broken in some way and until we come to terms with that and God, we will continue to struggle.  Trust in God and know that he has died for our sins.  Once we believe that and trust in him, he will show us the way!  For when we are even at our lowest point, he will not fail us.  He is always there, but at times he has to carry us ...leaving only one set of footprints in the sand.

We all have a story to tell.  Take time to think about yours and how God has played a part in your story!  Look back and I’m sure even those unanswered prayers brought you to be what you are today......STRONGER!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter - Happy Spring - Happy Writing

You know that feeling when your mind wants to, but your body won't let you?  Well, Mom and I both were struggling with some health issues and just an overall bad start to a new year personally.  We are now looking forward to putting the winter blues behind us, and are getting our ducks in a row so that we can concentrate and get back on track with our writing.  It is amazing how God works and gives us what we need, when we need it.  Apparently, we both needed time to heal and concentrate on ourselves.  Throughout this winter and 'our' time of need, HE has been speaking and leading us every step of the way!  He led us to a new Church family and Bible Study groups where we both feel that HE is speaking directly to us through our studies and new friends.  It is such an amazing feeling to recognize HIS love in our hearts and soul. 

We pray that everyone following our journey is as excited as we are for Spring to come.  And as we watch the grass start to turn green and everything come to life, remember what God has given us all and what Jesus gave up for us on the cross! 

Happy Easter everyone!!!