Sunday, November 6, 2016

Things are Happening - Are you Following Along?

God has been talking to me every day, and every day He leads me in another direction.  He is bringing followers to me; He is bringing me to people that are going to help us on this journey; and He is answering my prayers and bringing me closer and closer to Him everyday!

If you asked me 3 years ago, if I thought I would be this close to God, I would have said, "I believe, but he doesn't talk to me."  Well, I'm here now saying that He does talk to me.  And He answers my questions right away.  He gives me the answers, some that truly throw me off and really make me think.  Things are getting pretty deep as my spirituality continues to grow.  I'm very excited about it, and wanted to share some of the things He has help me with lately as it relates primarily to our writing.

I had let it be know to God that I wanted to learn the scriptures more, but wasn't sure how to go about it.  He then led me to a book, "Jesus Calling: Morning and Evening Devotional".  This book is written as it God was speaking to you directly.  And to me, He is.  Every message in this book so far as hit me right where I needed to be, and it truly is as if He is speaking directly to me through this book. The book also includes daily scriptures and recommended additional scriptures as it pertains to the daily message. This book and God then inspired me to start a "Daily Inspirations" page on our website where I share a message everyday and try to pull in followers.  And, I'm proud to say it is working!

Then a week later, He then had some of my followers start reaching out for me to pray for them.  So I followed His lead again, and created a "Prayer Request" page on our website.  And now our prayer group is growing!  He then put me in touch with who I am calling, "My Prayer Warrior".  He wrote a book himself, but is not yet ready to market it until He has has second book published.  This man, wants to pray for everyone and is now praying for me, our writing journey, and followers who need prayers!

Then that same day, I had a Pastor of a Church in Kathmandu, Nepal reach out to me to become prayer partners as well.  This has been very enlightening and a learning experience so far for me.  I've touched another side of the World and I am impacting a Ministry and group of orphans with my daily messages.  God certainly is leading me on a journey that will fulfill my dreams for the rest of my life!

Please check out our website for these new messages.  Please subscribe to our Prayer Group and send your prayers so we, and our prayer warrior, can pray for you as well!

Hope you enjoy all the changes that are taking place and stay in contact and continue supporting our journey as we continue to follow God's Lead in inspiring others!   Have a blessed day!

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