Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tessy's Halo

Last Sunday, Mom and I met up with a lady who was referred to us as someone we would be very interested in speaking with.  It seems she was specifically sent to us through a Church friend of my Aunt's, whom we lost just over a year ago.  One of those chance meetings where you know it was set up by God and our Angels.  Jackie is a woman who is very spiritual and provides Chaplain Services all of which include Weddings, Funerals, Burials, and grief counseling.  A great contact for anyone to have. Jackie is also someone that we know we will build a long term relationship with and will share in our journey.  We are sharing this story now because we know, and pray, it will help those suffering the loss of a loved one.  And for us, a dear family member who recently lost her precious 9 week old baby.  This message, we believe, through God's intervention, was clearly sent from your Grandmother for us to share with you and so many others suffering the same loss.

She shared with us a story that we know we were meant to receive.  We call it, Tessy's Halo.

Jackie's grandmother had eleven children.  One would say that is an awful lot to care for, yet alone give birth to.  It speaks loudly to the strength this woman must have had.  But God's strength can crumble even the largest rocks into pebbles for reasons yet unknown to us.  Years ago, her grandmother lost a child at only four years old.  A loss that was so devastating she could not deal with the pain and loss she was feeling.  She took to her bed for weeks and fell into a deep depression. Until, one night she had a dream and in her dream there were children dancing in a circle.  In the middle of the circle was her daughter, Tessy.  They were not only children; they were angels - every one of them.  Each had a halo that shined and sparkled with the beauty that each of them shared, except for Tessy.  Her grandmother couldn’t understand why Tessy’s halo did not sparkle and shine like the others.  It bothered her so much, that she called out to Tessy, “Tessy, why is your halo not shining like everyone else's?”

Tessy simply responded, “Because, Mommy. You won’t let me go!”

Her grandmother always shared that story with others that were struggling with the loss and how it helped her to come to terms with her own loss and allow Tessy’s halo to shine just as bright as the other angel children in her circle.

Are you suffering a loss so great that you can't let go?  I can only imagine how hard it must be and that every day is a struggle.  It will be a lifelong journey dealing with that loss, but I hope this story can help you as you picture your loved one dancing in that circle with a halo that could shine so much brighter if only you could let them go with God!  They want you to be at peace and know that one day you will meet again, and you will see their halo shining so brightly - leading you towards them.

May all of you turn to God for your strength and know that He will get you through your toughest journey of all, and you will become stronger than ever with Him by your side!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

When Worse is Better

God won’t give you more than you can handle……Nonsense!

The past two Sunday’s at LifePoint Church brought a message to me that I felt I must share.  There are times in life when we all question, “Why?”  If God is so merciful, why would He take a precious baby from its parents?  Why would He allow an innocent child to be molested?  Why would He not heal the sick?  Why?  These are questions that none of us can answer, at least not right now.

How many times have we heard, “God will not give us more than we can handle”?  Or how about, “With God, all things are possible.”  When we are going through the worse times, these questions are foremost in our thoughts and we can’t understand why.  We are at our wits end and feel we can not take any more. We begin to have doubts and struggle with our faith.  We may even turn away from God because we think, “My God would not do this!  This is an unfair God!”  Or worse yet, “God does not exist, because if He did, this would not happen!”

The message I received was clear and backed up in the Bible:

 “I have told you these things, so that In me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”  (New International Version, John 16:33).  

When we become aware that life will give us more than we can handle and we come to grips with this, we find a promise: God will give us more than we can handle, but through Him and our belief in Him, He will get us through these worse times!  And when He does, we learn to recognize our constant need to depend on Him.  He did promise that, “In this world you will have trouble.”  And, “With God all things are possible.”  With that being said, we must all come to terms and understand that things will get worse in our lifetime and we will go through peaks and valleys, trials and temptations, but we must keep our faith in God, Jesus, and rely on the Holy Spirit who is always with us, to get us through these worse times.  We are never alone, and in the end, He will make it better!  And until ‘Worse is Better’…. Be strong and keep in faith, for He will get you through….it is possible!

I highly encourage you check out LifePoint Church and listen to the Sermon by Mike Hipsley on 3/6/16!

A message everyone should hear, because everyone will go through worse times throughout their lives!


Friday, March 4, 2016

In the Name of Jesus Christ

Have you ever had a nightmare so bad before, and you knew it was a dream, but you couldn't wake yourself up?  This happened to me the other morning.  My husband left for work early, and I had fallen back to sleep.  When I did, I had the pillow over my head and in my dream I was being sucked into the mattress and couldn't breathe.  It was so scary and I knew I was moaning out loud, but couldn't stop the dream.

I kept telling myself, "it's just a dream.  Wake up!"

That wasn't working and the dream was getting worse and worse, and I remember thinking in my dream, "Tom isn't even here to wake me up either!"

It was then, that in my dream I threw my arms out and screamed, "In the name of Jesus Christ, let this be done!"

Then, it was done!  Just like that!  The dream ended.  I felt at peace and was able to go back to sleep just like that!

God is good!