Friday, July 18, 2014

Keeping the Momentum Going

So this Blogging thing is new to me and especially Mom.  I’ve never blogged before and have only read a few.  I’ve started following some fellow blogging authors that truly have provided some great information that will prove to be very helpful once we get further along in the process.  Since we are only in the beginning stages of our journey, I’m struggling with what to write about in this Blog.  Obviously, we want to attract more attention to our Blog and our adventure, so any suggestions would be great.  We appreciate you sharing and following us along our way.  Feel free to comment and play a part with us in our journey.

Currently, I have 4 Chapters written and Mom has been concentrating on some research while hoping to get started this weekend with writing some of her chapters.  I don’t want to get too far ahead of her.  The chapters come very quickly and they just seem to flow without any struggle at all. Reliving your childhood with such vivid memories is amazing.  It’s as if you were still right there back in time.  Your feelings, all of your close your eyes, and its 40 years ago.  
Although I am only in the beginning chapters setting the stage for what is about to come, I know it will get more difficult reliving the emotions all over again, especially for Mom.  We know this will be therapeutic for both of us and will only strengthen the bond we already have with each other.  While I worry about Mom reliving this horrific time in her life, I know how strong she is today and that this will only make her even stronger.  Getting her story written and her testimony documented means everything to her. God put her through this for a reason.  For that reason alone, we are driven to keep the momentum going so that we can help others by giving them the incentive to be hopeful in any crisis situation or circumstance they may be facing and a reason to believe in “Miracles” because they DO happen. 
While we are both excited about the progress we have made so far, we only wish the process didn’t take so long.  I have heard how it takes most writers a year or longer to have their finished product, and we realize we will have challenges and obstacles along the way, but we will take each day one day at a time trusting that God will pave our way to accomplishing His “Will” and our “Dream”!
Thanks again for your support and the feedback we have received so far!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Independence Day Junior!!

Last week we celebrated the 4th of July!  We hope that everyone had a great Independence Day celebrating those who fought and continue to fight for our Freedom.  This year, Independence Day took on a whole new meaning for my lifelong best friend, Karen, who lost her Dad to Cancer.  He suffered from the same disease that took my Father and also my Mother-in-Law.  Karen and I have been friends since the 7th Grade so we have grown up together.  Having spent a lot of time at Karen’s over the years, her Dad, Junior, was also a part of my life.  He was a great man and I remember he would always tease me or crack a joke to make us laugh.  I will always picture him riding his tractor cutting the grass.   Those who knew Junior knew that the 4th of July was a Holiday that meant a lot to him.  This year he was able to celebrate up in Heaven with his parents and family that went before him.  It was his Independence Day free from pain and suffering that goes along with Cancer.  My heart goes out to his family and all of the families who have to suffer through this terrible fight!  Here’s hoping that one day there is a cure and Freedom for ALL from the terrible disease called Cancer!