Sunday, April 17, 2016

Everyone is Dealing with Something!

If we could all learn to recognize that each and every one of us are dealing with a stressful situation in our lives, whether it be a simple problem, a health issue, loss of a loved one, financial struggles, family issues, or work issues.  We all need to realize that it's not just about our problem, and learn to be just a little more compassionate and understanding of each other so that the stress each of us are dealing with would become a little less painful.  

We should always think of the other person and what they might be going through.  Learn to be a good listener, a compassionate friend, and recognize that we all have our own issues.  As difficult as it may seem, we need to put ourselves in someone else's shoes before we judge or criticize.  Stop and think how that person might feel or what they might be dealing with in their own lives.  Your problem may seem big to you, while someone else's may seem trivial, but we are all dealing with issues and I think its safe to say that no matter how bad your situation is, it could be worse.  It may not seem like it at the moment, and it may seem like you'll never get through it, but what choice do we have?  

That's when we need to turn to God for strength and guidance to help us through these difficult times. Ask for patience and understanding and have an open heart so that we can be compassionate towards each other knowing they may be fighting their own battle - a battle you may not even be aware of. 

God will get us all through these trials and tribulations.  Even when we feel we may be at our breaking point, it is He that will carry us through.  So let's take that deep breath and let that thought resonate as we take a second to consider what someone else may be dealing with.  


"You never know how STRONG you are until being STRONG is the only choice you have"  

Someone reminded me this past week just how strong I am. It really resonated with me because I was not feeling very strong at all!  It also reminded me of the plaque I had purchased for my aunt when she was going through her last days with the very unexpected diagnosis of cancer that only gave her weeks to live.  This has become one of my favorite sayings.  When being STRONG is the only choice you have, you need to remember and hold onto your faith - knowing that God is right there with you.  He is holding you up and making you even STRONGER.  When you are feeling weak, exhausted, or undefeated, you need to take that deep breath and let the strength of God enter you.  Don't be afraid to ask Him for the strength you need to conquer your challenges. After that deep breath, you will feel a sense of peace and calmness enter you.  Granted it may not feel like it lasts forever, but it will get you through.  You may need to take a few deep breaths, but in the end God is on our side, by our side, and with us every step of the way!   
Be STRONG my friends and have a blessed day!