Thursday, October 13, 2016

Jesus Is Calling Are you Ready to Answer?

Now that my season of recovery is over and I've been back to work, God's presence in my life is getting even stronger.  He is bringing me closer and closer to Him in everything I do.  I've received signs, I've heard Him talking to me through the Holy Spirit, and I've been following His lead.  Recently, He led me into supporting Joel Osteen by purchasing a 3-piece message set with one of his CD's and his most recent book, "Think Better, Live Better".  The 3-piece message was all about anxiety and casting your burdens onto God.  I started listening to it on my first day back to work.  I couldn't believe the messages I was hearing at a time when I needed to hear them the most.  

Then a week later, it was told I needed to purchase the next set from Joel Osteen that was geared towards Living Your Dream.  As you already know our dream is our inspiration writing. I can honestly say that Jesus has been calling on me daily.  I started my writing back up, and then I had an opportunity to go to a church meeting for our Women's Ministry and I met some wonderful women there.  After that meeting, Jesus was telling me that I needed to get involved more with the church and possibly start my own small group talking about how God plays a role in our lives and the signs we have received from Him. Everyone enjoys talking about themselves and sharing their stories and what better place and group of people to meet with than those spiritual church goers who we have so much in common with, so I'm looking into that possibility.  During that church meeting, one of the resources that were shared with us was a daily devotional, by Sarah Young entitled, "Jesus Calling: Morning and Evening".  I looked it up on Amazon, previewed it, and had to get one. Two days later, I bought two more as gifts to share.  Since then, I have started sharing daily inspirations of my own on our website:  

He talks to me everyday, and when I start writing, it just flows.  It's as if He is the one typing the words; not me!  It is amazing to me how things in my life are changing.  The right people are coming in, my prayers are being answered, I'm becoming stronger and more confident in myself and my abilities, and getting back to work has been easier than I anticipated!  I feel like I am in the middle of huge season of God's favor and I felt I just had to share.  

So many times in our lives we may doubt God, and may even turn away from him. But it has become so clear to me that He truly does want us to prosper and to live an abundant life.  We are His children; and like our own children, we want the best for them!  Sometimes, we as parents know better and have to say no.  We also have to realize that God knows what is best for us and we have to have faith in that and His timing.  For only God knows the plans He has for us and what each of us will face in this lifetime.  Trust in Him, His plan, and His timing. And most importantly, thank God for what you do have and be happy with the season you are in.  Don't waste your life away waiting on it to be perfect.  Strive to overcome your fears and stay focused on God, giving Him your burdens as He gives you peace!  

Jesus is Calling us all, and that's one call you don't want to hang up on!  

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